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Big V Telecom welcomes associations with ambitious business entities and entrepreneurs through its robust and high revenue generating Franchise Business Model. This award winning business model is Innovative, Standardized and Comprehensive. Our franchise business model is aimed to nurture, develop and foster entrepreneurship.
Big V Telecom Cloud Telephony Services, IVR, Toll Free, Virtual Number!NTBhNzNh?utm_source=pageview&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=details_share @getmixapp
Big V Telecom – a Cloud Telephony Company in India offers ‘Simpler Affordable Telephony Solutions’ to small and mid-sized businesses. Our uniqueness lies in the simplicity of our solutions that enable seamless and faster adaptability of cutting edge cloud telephony at every business. Big V Telecom aims to make telephony solutions easily adaptable for the masses.
Recently, the renowned scientist and one of the greatest minds Dr Stephen Hawkins left his mortal coil leaving behind a legacy of innovation and science. However, he was quite vocal about the repercussions that may follow due to over-dependency on the technology. Today we have come up with some of the cautions that you must take while using technology in the banking.

Cautions to be taken while using Debit/Credit Cards –

Debit/Credit cards have become an integral content of our wallets. However it’s really important for you to take care of the following points to avoid misuse of the same.
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Hotel Ameya economy Rooms are intended for Business travelers in Mumbai. Room features a double bed , a television set with cable network, wireless connectivity and en-suite bathrooms for our guest relaxing stay.

A new and reliable platform to create a security token offering or STO has arisen. Blockchain App Factory is a pioneer in the field of ICO development has now plunged into the development of STO with all the needed regulations to create the STO. Investors can now safely invest in STO for better profits compared to its counterpart.

The Security Token Exchange is the required fuel for the STO market to catch fire. There is a need for Security Exchange Development companies and Blockchain App Factory has entered to fill the vacuum. The exchanges are run on the blockchain nodes ensuring the immutability of the data, while you have the control of the exchange.

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