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Industrial Products Company supplied all pprc pipes available, we have authorized dealer.(Yogendra K. Singh Contact us: +919810599480)

Industries make a wild range of PPRC Pipe,
we can used in so many place in Industries, that's one is Chiller line,
Mostly all industries remove old piping GI/MS and PPRC Pipe installed all over industries because that's life and quality too much,
all pprc pipe manufacture give 100 years life so that's a very good life for industries.

It's only and only food Grade pipe for fusion PPR Pipe.

“Range of Products”

PPR-C Pipes for best use of Submersible Pump and also fittings, PPR-C Coil to use Mechanical Coupling,PP-FRP Pipes & Fittings,PPR-C Chemical Coupled.
Pipes &FittingsAdvantages:

Health: Hygienic and low bacterial growth.
High Flow Smooth interior surface results no friction giving in pipe.
Taste and odor neutral.
Heat preservation and energy saving.
Resistant to high temperature.
Less Insulation required.

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